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Motorhomevalet will take care of your pride and joy using the correct products that will result in a showroom finish for your caravan or motorhome. All my prices are as listed; I do not use the term "from". I offer a full care package for your motorhome or caravan. I can come to you or you can stay at a site near me

Standard Exterior Valet (not just a quick wash)

                                       All prices quoted are for 2017


  • Roof thoroughly cleaned - removing any algae and moss, this is most important to get right as it is usually the source of those dreaded black streaks.

  • Snow Foam all the van - this loosens up all the dirt and grit with minimal contact to the surface of the van

  • Body of motorhome / caravan shampooed - using a high quality wax-wash helps bring your van towards that showroom finish

  • Wheels and wheel arches thoroughly cleaned - I use a safe non-acid wheel cleaner to get your wheels sparkingly clean.

  • Window, door and locker shuts cleaned - this helps keep the van clean with no dirty streaks

  • Fridge vents removed and cleaned - my method will ensure this often neglected area is cleaned and dried.

  • Engine bay shuts and landing platform cleaned carefully (diesels only)- this area is often overlooked.

  • Bike racks and ladders cleaned and brightened - removing any algae and restoring the finish.

  • Bodywork rinsed and coated with an Aquawax - although not as good as a full wax this will help keep your van in good condition.

  • Caravan / motorhome dried using soft drying cloths - I prefer drying cloths as they are kinder to the surface of your van.

  • Bumpers, handles, all trims and tyres dressed - to help show your van at its best.

  • All windows cleaned to remove any watermarks.

Time to complete approx. three to four hours




Caravans - - - - - £60.00
Motorhomes - - - £60.00

Premium Exterior Valet

To give a longer lasting finish this service everything in the Standard Exterior Valet, plus:

  • Tar and tree resin spots removed - to acheive that fresh from the showroom finish.

  • A hand applied wax coating - all caravans and motorhomes are constructed using several different materials each of which may require different types of wax. I use an appropriate wax for each surface to ensure maximum protection.

  • Restore all your acrylic windows - this will remove all the small scratches from hedges etc. and remove any fogging that occurs over time leaving your windows sparkling clear.

  • Window, locker and door seals treated - this helps keep the rubber flexible and in good condition.

​Time to complete approx. six to eight hours


                                      Caravans £130.00
                                       Motorhomes £130

Exterior Rejuvenation Valet*

This top of the range valet includes everything in the Standard and Premium Valets plus rejuvenating your van to a pristine condition ( this is done before waxing in this service). Over time the surface of your motorhome or caravan can become dull, yellowed, faded and scratched. Using specially formulated marine grade compounds I can gently remove a microscopic layer of the dull and damaged surface then wax to bring it back to a stunning gloss finish. Once completed this finish should last for many years if my after care instructions are followed.
Time to complete approx. nine plus hours
                                Caravans £230.00
                                Motorhomes £230.00


*Due to the time this valet takes to complete I can only offer it during British Summertime. 

Currently Motorhomevalet is not offering internal valets